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Rocco Handmade

Signature San Mai Chef

This Signature Chef has a 9.25" long razor sharp blade made from San Mai steel and is about .171" thick at the spine above the heal with a long even distal taper to the tip. The heel of the blade is 2" tall. The blade has a gentle convex / flat grind to 0 and final honed on a 10,000 grit stone, The geometry at the edge is extremely thin and made for use in the kitchen cutting typical vegetables, fruits and boneless meats, Not to be used on frozen food or foods with bones. The blades finish is a hand rubbed satin finish with a polished finger choil.  Etched and darkened with instant coffee. The bolster black cotton wood, white and tan fiber spacers and a green maple burl faceted handle. The handle has a nice feel and good balance. This would be a great addition to any home cooks or professional chefs kitchen. Looking to make more of these in the future as they are fun and challenging. OAL is about 14.25". Comes with a black leather blade cover.
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