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Rocco Handmade

Baby Bear

This Baby Bear has about a 3.375" long, razor sharp convex ground blade, hand made from AEB-L stainless steel and is about .114" thick. The copper guard is silver soldered above a stack of black & white fiber, copper, purple g10 spacers. The premium seashell in red resin handle is pinned through the tang with a copper pin, OAL is about 7" Comes in a dark brown with red stitch and black rivet sheath. 


Introducing the latest addition - two new stainless steel models handcrafted by Rocco Handmade. This particular model, named after my 4-year-old niece we lovingly call "Baby Bear", also features a unique blade design that showcases a Baby Bear image and her name. After visiting the shop last year, she fell in love with the handle material and requested her own knife. Inspired by her, I decided to expand our range with some sleek stainless steel options, these new models are smaller versions of my popular Bear Creek Hunter blade profile.

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